A downloadable game for Windows

REcharge is a game made by FinGames for LudumDare 39.

In this game  you play as a robot who tries to escape from a factory to gain freedom. There are many traps you need to avoid and you also must make sure that your power doesn't run out. You can charge your battery by using Power Stations. This game also features a manual save system.

This game was made by FinGames and we would love to get some feedback.

The game is designed for resolution 1920x1080.

Website: http://fingames0.webnode.fi/

Install instructions

1. Download REcharge.rar file to your computer.

2. Open and extract the REcharge folder from the .rar file.

3. Open REcharge.exe (There is no virus so you can just ignore the warning message and open the game).

NOTE: You must keep REcharge.exe and REcharge_Data in the same folder.


REcharge 21 MB

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